Marauder Wrestling

Does YOUR Sport Have Bloodtime?!

2018-19 Warren Mott Wrestling Team

4x MAC Division Champs; 4x MHSAA District Champs; 3x Regional Finalists!!

Marauder Wrestling

Ahoy, Wrestling Fans!!

Welcome to the Marauder Wrestling website, an integral part of our vision to create a wrestling powerhouse in and around the Warren Mott High School area.  Here you will find information on all things related to the high school wrestling team at Warren Mott High School, as well as the Marauder Wrestling Club, a youth wrestling program providing competition opportunities through MMWA (Mid-Michigan Wrestling Association), MYWA (Michigan Youth Wrestling Association) and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).

If you are a fan of the WARREN MOTT HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING TEAM, be sure to click on the "High School Pages" link for up-to-date information on the team.  The High School pages are a "treasure trove" of information about our high school team.  They include the team's current schedule, results of dual meets and tournaments, and recent news articles about team members' accomplishments.  

The "Off-Season Pages" contain information on Open Room opportunities, Off-Season Competitions and Summer Camps.  If you are interested in wrestling during the Off-Season, you will want to book mark these pages and come back often.  We will welcome any wrestler from any school at any skill level.

If you are interested in our youth program, the MARAUDER WRESTLING CLUB, you will want to click on the "Youth Club Pages" link, which will lead you to comprehensive information about the youth wrestling program, including practice schedules, competition schedules, coaching bios and fundraiser information.  The youth program began its inaugural season in November of 2007 and continues to build steam.  We are tremendously excited as the future of Maruader Wrestling begins to take shape within the four walls of our wrestling room.  Join us, won't you?

The program we are building is a sure-fire formula for success, lacking only one ingredient:  tough nosed kids who are willing to work their butts off for a chance to stand on the podium and be called "CHAMPION!"  Perhaps YOU can help with that!

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